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I want to live intentionally - thinking carefully about where I put my money, where I put my time, and where I invest my skills. I’ve chosen to help people as a therapist working 1:1, but also work on macro systemic change so future generations might have a better world to live in.

I believe we should not be a passive member of this world, but rather an eager participant.

Over the years I have had the privilege of developing and contributing to some nation-wide projects that will hopefully benefit generations to come. I co-founded and developed resources for ‘The Light Project’, a project that aims to equip youth, families and professionals with tools to positively navigate the new porn landscape. This involved parent education sessions, training therapists throughout the country, developing resources for sexual violence professionals and so much more. Over my time with The Light Project we worked on the youth site which gives info and strategies for young people trying to navigate nudes, sexual expectations, and online grooming.

I am currently running another project ‘Makes Sense’ alongside colleague Holly Brooker. Makes Sense is focused on improving the filtering and regulation of illegal sexual content online, for the protection of children and adolescents. The majority of extreme sexually violent content is unregulated and easily accessed online, most of which is a product of exploitation, abuse or trafficking. Makes Sense currently advocates and works with government agencies, tech companies and communities to create change.

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While you read this, kids around New Zealand are stumbling across illegal sexual content online.

This content is unregulated, easily accessed, and it’s having a significant impact on our young people and communities.
MakesSense is advocating for 3 immediate actions.

  1. Improve the filter
  2. Expand the blocklist
  3. Be preventative
Over the last 5 years, a whole new   porn landscape for young people has emerged.

The Light Project has teamed up with some experts and put together a website for young people, their families, and youth professionals to learn more about porn and be part of the conversation here in New Zealand.

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