Better Sex

Given that human sexuality is a profoundly sacred aspect of our existence, I believe it should be celebrated and honored by cultivating healthy, enjoyable sexual relationships that foster deep connections with our partners.

Sex is like sushi – if last time was a bit underwhelming, you might hesitate to order it again.

Becoming a sex therapist is a strange career choice - its awkward when the uber driver asks what you do for work, its uncomfortable to explain to your children, and people forever look at you either with eyes wide open with curiosity or a look of terror that you might start asking them about their sex life. In fact, some people still think that sex therapists touch their clients - which is definitely NOT the case. I knew that this role would bring some complications but I also knew that when sex isn't going well well for a couple that they often had no idea where to turn and they felt deeply embarrassed to disclose it. There is a bizarre societal expectation that sex should just be easy! This is rarely the case, sex is a learnt behavior, and many of us didn't get a great education.

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Join Heather Hale (stylist) & Jo Robertson (sex therapist) for a fun evening helping you understand & embrace your personal style, & explore strategies to help improve our sexual experiences.
"It's been wildly beneficial for Brent & I, & we have been able to make immediate changes & implement new things.”
Jess, 2023
Your step-by-step guide for all things screens, safety & sexual wellbeing.
Your step-by-step guide for all things screens, safety & sexual wellbeing.
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