I speak internationally on relationships, sexual culture, youth and media influences, and have had the privilege of delivering a TEDx talk.



Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed public speaking, I clearly remember the school speech competition being the one thing I felt good at. There’s always nerves, but there's also nothing like that rush you get from connecting with an audience and knowing you've brought some joy or reflection into their day.

I enjoy the challenge of breaking down ideas and sharing them in a way that's not just easy to comprehend but highly engaging. When I’m up front, my mission is simple – to make sure everyone in the room not only enjoys the ride but walks away with a new take on things. If an audience has gifted me with a precious resource, their time, then it’s my responsibility to offer something of value back.

Talks I offer
  • "Interruptions to Intimacy" - This session unpacks how our beliefs, our anatomy and our relationships influence our intimacy. This is the sex education you never got growing up. You will leave with practical strategies for change and confidence in communicating with your partner.
  • "Sexuality - Then, Now, Future"  Where has society come from and what are our current challenges?
  • "Diary of a Sex Therapist" - looking at the most commonly asked questions, covering mismatched libido, sexual pain, the role of sexual aids, how to have conversations about sex with your partner, and when to seek help.
  • "Parent Sex" - Information and tips for parents-to-be
  • "Puberty 101 - what Parents need to know" (for primary or intermediate school parents)
  • "Sex, Bodies & Consent - what kids need to know" (for primary or intermediate school parents)
  • "Youth, Sex Ed & Digital Harm" - looking at sexual health trends, youth engagement with technology and potential impacts, and how to have effective conversations about sex, consent & porn. (for parents of all ages)
  • “Tricky Chats: Navigating Porn, Grooming & Online Safety” This talk focuses on practical solutions for addressing online challenges such as porn, grooming, and unsafe apps. Dive into the nuances of filters, fostering open communication, and promoting online safety to empower your family. Acquire valuable tools to guide your children in achieving a more secure online experience, equipping parents to confidently tackle current digital parenting issues.
Recent Workshops
  • "Healthy Sex, Healthy Relationships" - Auckland University of Technology (2x 3hr workshops)
  • Interruptions to Intimacy NZCCA Training - What therapists need to know about sex & betrayal therapy (full day)
  • Sex, Porn & Consent - Parent Talk Rutherford High School (45min)
  • “Consent & Sexual Harm” - Parent Talk, Peninsula Primary School.
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