I am a qualified sex therapist, holding a Master of Science in Medicine, with nearly 20 years of experience in sexual health, relationship breakdown, child development and trauma.



As a qualified therapist, I specialize in a specific set of issues for clients, rather than being a generalist with proficiency in a broad array of concerns. Specializing allows me to offer in-depth support and targeted interventions, ensuring a more impactful and meaningful therapeutic experience.

I have 3 core strengths that I believe make me a great relationship therapist:

1 - I'm comfortable in a crisis. Big emotions, intensity and complex experiences don’t throw me. I don’t mind chaos, a “crazy story” or a lot of tears. I can sit with anyone no matter how big the feeling or deep the trauma, nothing is “too much”.

2 - I'm honest. I will let you know when I think something is a red flag in your relationship, if its time to consider leaving, or if I think one person isn't putting the effort in that's required. If you want real change in your situation, you need someone assertive and I believe I offer that in a considered and compassionate way.

3 - I’m really grounded. I know talking to therapists can be a bit strange, we can use a lot of jargon, be a bit airy fairy or come across as not understanding what real life is like. I aim to be as down-to-earth as possible, keeping it honest, real and jargon-free.

The areas I specialise in:

Relationship crisis

Mismatched libido

Betrayal trauma & infidelity

Female sexuality

Sexual compulsivity & harmful sexual behaviours 

Sexual Trauma

It’s important I always bring my best self to my clients, so I only take on a handful at a time.

In person or via Zoom therapy sessions are available between 930am and 230pm. Sessions outside of those hours are only via Zoom. In person sessions are held in Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland.

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I consider it a real privilege to be asked into peoples lives. Please fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch.


What is a sex therapist?

Sex therapists are qualified counsellors or other healthcare professionals who have had training in issues related to sexual health and relationships. They use their specialised knowledge and skills to help you resolve various sexual issues, from concerns about sexual function to feeling physically disconnected from your partner.

How long is a session and how much does it cost?


$210 per hour (inc GST)

Do you ever use touch in sex therapy sessions?

No, never.

Do we just talk about sex or other stuff too?

Your relationship history, your family history, experiences of trauma, your partner's upbringing and personal beliefs (amongst many other things) all impact the sex you are having so there are a lot of conversations that may not be specifically sex-related. But it's always up to you what we talk about.

What if I see you on the street and you know all about my sex life?

That's ok - I won't approach you or disclose to anyone that I know you or your partner. We will discuss in our sessions how to manage this if the moment arises. This has happened before and has been completely fine.

What is betrayal?

Betrayal is anything that happens in or outside the relationship that wasn't consensual or agreed upon. This can include the use of escorts, going to strip clubs, having an emotional or secret relationship affair, doing sexual acts with someone outside of relationship, porn use, sending nudes online, and a wide variety of other behaviours. Non-sexual betrayal can include other secretive behaviours like gambling, drug use or mismanagement of finances.

What is betrayal trauma?

Not everyone who experiences betrayal develops 'Partner Betrayal Trauma'. This is a unique form of trauma that occurs within relationships, based on the impact of broken trust. This often shows up in the form of extreme fatigue, flashbacks, disordered eating, insomnia, nausea etc. It is very common for someone who has experienced betrayal in their intimate relationship to exhibit signs of complex PTSD.

I've just found out I've been betrayed/I’m about to tell my partner what’s been going on, when should we reach out?

The earlier the better, if your partner doesn't want to see someone then it's important you still get support yourself. I recommend seeing a therapist who specialises in betrayal within 3 days of discovery.

Will couples counselling be enough?

When there's complex issues in the relationship, individuals sometimes need their own personal counselling alongside couples counselling. You could start together with a couples session and then we make a plan for what's needed next.

I think I'm going to leave, do I still need counselling?

I believe couples can separate in a healthy way if they have enough support, and there will still be recovery/healing work for you to do once you have separated.

What's the difference between a betrayal therapist and a couples therapist?

A couples therapist who has trained in betrayal understands the unique kind of trauma that can exist in a relationship after any kind of betrayal, they will be able to identify signs of PTSD, give guidance on how to increase safety and know the specific strategies to rebuild trust. Betrayal is very complicated and requires a specialist approach that not all therapists have experience in.

Want to request a therapy session?

I consider it a real privilege to be asked into peoples lives. Please fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch.

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