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Talks & Workshops

So glad you made your way here - I consider it a real privilege to be asked into peoples groups & spaces.

Talks I offer:

  • "Interruptions to Intimacy" - Unpacking our beliefs, our anatomy and our relationships

  • "Sexuality - Then, Now, Future"  Where has society come from and what are our current challenges?

  • "Diary of a Sex Therapist" - FAQ from clients with some how-tos

  • "Parent Sex" - Information and tips for parents-to-be

  • "Puberty 101 - what Parents need to know" (for primary or intermediate school parents)

  • "Sex, Bodies & Consent - what kids need to know" (for primary or intermediate school parents)

  • "Sex, Porn & Consent - Starting the Conversation" (for parents of all ages)

  • "The New Porn Landscape - Equipping whānau & caregivers to start the conversation"​(​Please contact or visit This talk is only focused on porn, as opposed to the one above which looks at a variety of topics. 

Recent Workshops:

  • "Healthy Sex, Healthy Relationships" - Auckland University of Technology (2x 3hr workshops)

  • Interruptions to Intimacy NZCCA Training - What therapists need to know about sex & betrayal therapy (full day)

  • Sex, Porn & Consent - Parent Talk Rutherford High School (45min)

  • Interruptions to Intimacy - Tearfund Womens Fundraiser event (20min)

  • Intimacy after Sexual Trauma - WellArt Professional Development (1hr)

Recent media interview: Radio New Zealand with Kathryn Ryan

TEDx Talk: Why we need to talk about porn

Fight The New Drug: Consider before Consuming podcast

Bespoke Workshops or Lectures:

Curated talks can be developed specific to your group or the issues you would like covered, this usually has a higher rate as it requires research and attention to develop content. Please contact me with details of your event or group 

Fees for Existing Workshops:

  • $325 1hr workshop, inc Q&A (inc GST)

  • $450 1.5hr workshop, inc Q&A (inc GST)

  • Workshops longer than 2 hours may reduce hourly rate 

  • Travel Costs covered (if applicable) and hourly travel rate may apply depending on distance

Please use email for queries

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