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So, what is a sex therapist?

Sex therapists are qualified counsellors or other healthcare professionals who have had training in issues related to sexual health and relationships. They use their specialised knowledge and skills to help you resolve various sexual issues, from concerns about sexual function to feeling physically disconnected from your partner.

How long is a session?


Areas I specialise in

I work with couples for mismatched libido/desire, sexual pain or discomfort, difficulties experiencing orgasm, performance anxiety, sexual problems after illness or due to hormonal changes e.g. postnatal or menopause. 

Is there any touching involved?

No, never.

Do we just talk about sex or other stuff too?

Your relationship history, your family history, experiences of trauma, your partners upbringing and personal beliefs (amongst many other things) all impact the sex you are having so there's alot of conversations that may not be specifically sex-related. But it's always up to you what we talk about.


What if I see you on the street and you know all about my sex life?

That's ok - I won't approach you or disclose to anyone that I know you or your partner. We will discuss in our sessions how to manage this if the moment arises. This has happened before and has been completely fine.  

Note from Jo - Do you have vaginal/vulval sexual pain?

It's typical to need to see/get an assessment from a pelvic floor Physio alongside sex therapy. Recommended clinics below

Auckland - Unity Studios

Christchurch, Rangiora, Hamilton -

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