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I'm so glad you made your way here!


Sessions between 930am and 230pm are available in person OR via zoom, outside of those hours are only via zoom. In person sessions are held in Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland. As of May 1st 2024 all new clients will be online only. Please book 2 sessions, 3 weeks apart, to ensure there is a follow up appointment for you. If you know ahead of time you would like more sessions, please book in advance. These can be cancelled at no cost if they are not needed. 


Other trusted professionals below:


Sex Therapy

Paula Dennan

Nic Beets

Verity Thom

Ally Waite

Morgan Penn


Betrayal Trauma Specialists & Sexual Addiction

Michael Rooney (AUS)

Andrew Connolly -

Craig Gemmel  -


Individual & Relationship Counselling

Jo Batts

Janine Bird

Charlotte Cummings

Richard Fox

Shirley Pastiroff

Charles Graty

New clients can book from July 2024

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