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What is betrayal trauma?

Partner Betrayal Trauma is a unique form of trauma that occurs within relationships and which is caused by your partner or significant other. You trusted in them. They broke that trust and created the trauma as a result. 

How long is a session?

60mins or we can arrange longer if required. We can also do an evening urgent session in your home if you have just discovered something. This is at an increased "call out fee" rate however. Please text me 0273236715 if you are wanting urgent support. 

I've just found out I've been betrayed, when should I reach out?

The earlier the better, if your partner doesn't want to see someone then it's important you still get support urgently to gain a sense of safety again. I recommend seeing a therapist who specialises in betrayal within 3 days of discovery. 

Will couples counselling be enough?

Partners who have been betrayed often need their own personal counselling alongside couples counselling. You could start together with a couples session and then we make a plan for what's needed next. 

I think I'm going to leave, do I still need counselling?

I believe couples can seperate in a healthy way if they have enough support, and there will still be recovery/healing work for you to do once you have separated. 

What if I see you on the street and you know all about my life?

That's ok - I won't approach you or disclose to anyone that I know you or your partner. If we are introduced at an event or socially I will pretend I do not know you to ensure your privacy. This has happened before and has been completely fine.  

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