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Sexual Pain Webinar Link

45 mins exploring:

  • The Experience for Self & Partners

  • The Common Causes (biological, psychological, relational)

  • The Treatment Plan (who should you talk to & what will they do)

  • What happens in a sex therapy session?

  • When to Seek Help

Sex, Relationships & Parenting Webinar Link

This webinar is 1hour 15mins, when purchased you will download a PDF doc with a private YouTube link for viewing. 

A webinar hosted in February 2023 covering:

  • Common issues in intimacy (sexual pain, mismatched libido, postpartum & menopause)

  • How to have conversations with children & teens about sex, consent & porn.

Kids Book Recommendations

A range of books covering Intercourse, Reproduction, Puberty, Online safety, Self-esteem and Consent. Knowing which books to read and buy is an overwhelming experience for caregivers, and long lists of 20+ books can sometimes make it harder, so I have tried to be concise and give only a few favourites for each issue. 

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